Confessions of A Bible Student

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The School of Biblical Studies’ students completed their intensive, nine months of study and graduated this week here at YWAM Muizenberg. One student Sydney gives her honest and encouraging outlook as her view of the Bible changed from boring and insignificant to essential to knowing God and living life. I hope you are inspired that the Bible is essential to your God-filled life!

“The B. I. B. L. E. Yes, that’s the book for me…” Yeah, yeah, I had heard it since Sunday school – I should read the Bible. Call me a “bad Christian,” but if I was honest nothing, seemed more painstaking.

With that, here are the confessions of a Bible student:

  1. For most of my life, reading the Bible consisted of opening it at random, slapping my finger on the page, and reading whatever verse I landed on.
  2. I thought the Bible was boring. It only seemed somewhat relevant when the pastor on stage came up with a witty presentation.
  3. Frankly, the Bible was too overwhelming, and I thought I would never be able to make sense of that dusty piece of literature for myself.

That was until I decided to embark on a journey. A journey to see what would happen if I read the Bible in its entirely. What would it reveal about God? How could 66 books of ancient literature, written in three different languages, over the course of 1,500 years, actually apply to my life today? Little did I know but this quest would change the course of my life forever.

The Bible is full of excitement, gruesome battles, romance, and imagery more bizarre than anything found in a sci-fi thriller. Though each book is a separate work, there is one storyline woven throughout. From the beginning of time God longed for relationship. He embodied the very essence of unity in the trinity; in the joy of that relationship, he created man. After man rebelled against him, God’s primary goal was to restore the relationship they once shared. The laws, the sacrificial system, and the message of the prophets were just a shadow of the master plan that was unfolding. The big unveiling transpired when He sent his only son in the form of a man to suffer and die an excruciating death – all for the sake of restoring relationship with us. However, the story didn’t end in a grave. Jesus broke the curse of sin and death and rose again! Now, he is patiently waiting for as many as possible to turn to him so once and for all we can share unhindered friendship together. This is the Bible, a beautiful love story of God’s relentless pursuit of his people.

Textbooks become outdated almost the moment they are put into print, yet the Bible remains tried and true throughout generations. If God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8), then that means the God of the Bible is the God of today. He is living and active and wants to take part in our lives. The story is still unfolding, and you and I are part of it.

So where do we even begin? Pray. This is where the magic happens! It’s amazing what a difference it makes reading alongside the Holy Spirt – the inspiration of it all. Also, try starting in the New Testament, and allow the work of the cross to help you interpret the rest of Scripture. If you don’t understand everything, you are in good company! Remember it’s not about knowing facts; it is about knowing God.

Don’t just take my word for it; do yourself a favor and embark on this journey for yourself. If you are anything like me, perhaps the old Sunday school tune will begin to ring true, “The B.I.B. L. E. Yes, that’s the book for me…”

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Sydney Priester
Sydney Priester

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