Can Lack of Consistency Hold You Back in Your Relationship With God?

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I could be described by some as a bit of a health nut. I enjoy eating healthily; I am fascinated by diet and nutrition; I love being fit and active. The one thing that holds me back a bit is my lack of consistency. I’ll get into a good exercise regime, and I’ll be feeling so good that I’ll give myself a time out. I’ll take a week off just to relax and let my body rest. But that week can turn into two, and before I know it, a month has gone by, and I need to get fit again. So I am frequently faced with forcing myself back into fitness with the the first run after a holiday, the first gym session after Christmas, the first time in your swimsuit after winter… all those “firsts” that we are tempted to avoid. But we know, deep down inside, that if we avoid it today, we’re just going to have to face it tomorrow, so we may as well face it now.

Yet finding a place of maintenance is so much easier than regular fluctuation.

If only we thought like that all the time. I would love to consistently have the mentality, “If I avoid doing it today, I am still going to have to do it tomorrow, so I may as well just do it.” But I am a maῆana kind of person saying, “Tomorrow, tomorrow.”

God has been speaking to me about this recently, and He has highlighted that my lack of consistency can really hold me back from having the kind of relationship with Him that is available to me.

I have been through many spiritual phases, all of which have taught me something, but none have every remained with me long term. I am now in a stage of life where I am reflecting on all my experiences and on all the spiritual disciplines that have been of benefit to me. I feel that God is calling me to a place of maturity with Him where I have consistent spiritual rhythms so that He remains my constant source of life.

In order to do this, I need to practically schedule my time in line with the values God has given me, and I need to prioritize my life accordingly. I am on a new journey of making my spiritual journey my own and of learning a long-term, lifestyle of consistent intimacy with God.

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Angharad Davies
Angharad Davies

My name is Angharad, which means “greatly loved one, free from shame.” I am from a very small village called Beddgelert in the nation of Wales. In 2013 I married my husband Simon Davies, and every day I am convinced that was one of the best decisions of my life! I am passionate about issues where women have suffered injustice or oppression, and I have a strong desire to see them become healed and whole in all areas of life.

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