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Through the Eyes of a Child – The NEW South Africa
I See Gold in Ocean View – My First Three Weeks

Through the Eyes of a Child – The NEW South Africa

Photo Credit: Sydney Priester

Sydney, hailing from the state of Georgia U.S.A., reflects on her experiences in the local community. She staffs at YWAM Muizenberg, loves teaching God’s Word, and working in the community of Capricorn.

This weekend I went to a local fish and chips shop with a vibrant, spunky, nine year old girl. I am white. She is Coloured (an ethnic group in South Africa of possible mixed origins). It is hard to believe that before 1994 this outing would have been against the law. While sitting there in the beach side cafe, we saw a Xhosa family ordering lunch at the counter. She turned to me and said, “I think Xhosa people are so beautiful! They make the nicest rice and know how to cook pap out of mealies… Oh, pap will make you lekker fat!” For a minute or two, we mused about how wonderful Xhosa’s are; then she turned to me and said, “I like white people too; they are so nice.”

That comment deserves a pause.

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I See Gold in Ocean View – My First Three Weeks

Photo Credit: Rohit Padmanabhan via Unsplash

Just a month ago Tiffany Baca, the author of the below post, moved to South Africa to join the staff of Justice Doll, a YWAM ministry. She shared her experience with her friends recently (see http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5871ff8192&id=9321bed718). Can we join her to see and to pray with God’s eyes for beautiful Ocean View?

I got to stay in this cozy, adorable, little, yellow mission house…

…filled with Scriptures and pictures of the people in the neighborhood, stories of the challenges and victories and abundant with love.

It seems so far removed from its surroundings because of how you feel in the house, yet those that have lived in the house have invested, loved, cared, been in the nitty-gritty of, and rejoiced over its surroundings.

My amazing housemate took the time to show me around and explained to me the history of Ocean View. She shared about the families in the area, took me to church, and invited me into this space that teeters between over-coming and just-getting-by.

There are kids who grew up in Ocean View and prospered and raised their families seemingly unscathed by what goes on around them, and there are kids who grew up to reciprocate the violence around them.
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