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Immigrants, Orphans, and Jesus
Never Go Back to Vanilla Ice Cream
Why Have a Blog?

Immigrants, Orphans, and Jesus

Photo Credit: BruceEmmerling via Pixabay cc

This post was originally published on Lindsey Lautsbaugh’s blog at http://www.thisisloveactually.com/immigrants-orphans-jesus/ on December 1, 2014 and is re-posted with permission.

My maternal grandparents were immigrants from Norway. My Grandma Edie would enthrall me with the story of her first sighting of American soil. As a young girl, she peaked through the window of the ship, and there stood the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, New York City.

When Grandma Edie and Grandpa John fought around my sister and me, often they would do it in Norwegian so we couldn’t understand what they were saying! My grandmother made fish-balls and lutefisk and lefse. The town they lived in was full of Norwegian immigrants, and its official motto is still “Little Norway.”

Being surrounded by so many Norwegians brought the inevitable Swedish jokes. I just thought it was like an old high school rivalry. I didn’t know why Norwegians and Swedes teased each other; it’s just what we did. In fact, my Grandfather posted a sign at the top of his drive-way that said, “Norwegians Only! No Swedes Allowed!” Little did I know that this rivalry came out of a deep-rooted history. But it was all good fun for the family in those times.

The last two weeks I’ve thought a lot about my precious grandparents. I was always acutely aware we were a Norwegian-American family. But there was so much I never knew to ask them. They were immigrants. The family didn’t know English when they came, I know that. But what else? What was it like to be foreigners in a strange land?

The reason I thought of this was because I’ve been surrounded by a whole new set of “foreigners” here in South Africa. My husband and I bought a house, and we are doing a few renovations this month before we move in. We’ve had the privilege of hiring a number of men from Malawi to help us with some of the work.

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Never Go Back to Vanilla Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Mike Barkema, a graduate of YWAM Muizenberg’s School of Biblical Studies & Titus Project

The below post is by Cayla Bertelsen, a recent Titus Project graduate with YWAM Muizenberg. Titus Project, South Africa is a three month program, which includes training on how to teach to the Bible and cross-cultural communication skills, followed by practical ministry to rural and urban African communities. YWAM’s 9 month School of Biblical Studies graduates have the opportunity to follow up with this school and outreach. This post was originally published on Cayla’s blog at http://caylabertelsen.blogspot.com/2014/11/vanilla-ice-cream.html and is re-posted with permission.

Vanilla ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream. I think that most people do. My favorite flavor though is coffee or a good, rich chocolate flavor. I like the fudge on top, maybe with some banana and nuts to make a real Sunday and to spice things up a little!

Once my youth pastor talked about vanilla ice cream. He spent some time asking our youth group which ice cream flavors we liked and what kinds of toppings we would choose. There were lots of varied answers, and I think the winner was mint chocolate chip (I guess that’s pretty popular around here!). Out of our group, not a single person chose plain vanilla ice cream.

He then said something that I pondered for a long time after that because it meant a lot more to me than just ice cream flavors. It went something like this…

“If you are a beginner, you might start with vanilla, but once you have tasted all the other flavors and toppings and experienced all the exciting delicious variety, you will never want to go back to plain vanilla ice cream ever again.”

“This is how life with Jesus can be.”

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Why Have a Blog?

Photo Credit: TomConger via Compfight cc

I happen to love crime shows. And it’s amazing the scientific and technological advances that have been made. To use the minutest bit of evidence – DNA, blood, hair, tissue, fingerprints – to catch a criminal. Granted t.v. is probably blowing it way out of proportion and not demonstrating the great amount of hard work and other things which contribute. But I digress…

When looking in particular at the fingerprint, it is an imprint of the smallest raised swirls and lines of skin tissue on your finger, yet it’s so intricate. And it got me thinking today,

God has not only left His fingerprint, His imprint on our lives,

He has woven His DNA within us and He has placed His image upon us.

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