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Which Kid From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Are You? The Value of Stuggle
Who is YWAM Muizenberg?

Which Kid From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Are You? The Value of Stuggle

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5 Weird Kids…

5 Unique Struggles…

You May Identify With All of Them.

(I do.)

“Struggle carves out the space within us for deep desire…”

– Father Richard Rohr

“Struggle shows us what our true desires are.”

– Me (after reflecting on Rohr)

I’m just going to apologize for how my brain works up front. As I write, I have a friend who just lost his dad, another going through a divorce, and yet another betrayed by a disciple she poured her life into. At this moment a tornado of deep struggle swirls all around me, and I started thinking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! (Oompa Loompas? Golden Tickets? You know the one. I already said sorry.) The author, Ronald Dahl, wrote some brilliantly, dark children’s books, full of quirky, sometimes disturbing characters. (Real life Willie Wonka would have restraining orders against him. Am I right?) Dahl was not afraid of the shadowy side of the plot, and that’s what makes his tales so fascinating, so full. In that way, he’s a bit like the Author of Life. Yep, I’m now talking about God. While our Heavenly Father may have no darkness in Him, He’s sure not afraid of ours. Even more surprising, He doesn’t overcome our struggle by solving or expelling it; rather, he enters into it with us and writes the shadows into the plot of our lives, using all of it to call us toward Life.

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Who is YWAM Muizenberg?


Want to know what YWAM Muizenberg is all about?

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