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I Struggle With Fear. Now What?
Which Kid From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Are You? The Value of Stuggle
Where Are You Home? The Journey to “Become Home”

I Struggle With Fear. Now What?

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At YWAM Muizenberg’s worship evening recently, Lindsey Lautsbaugh shared about overcoming fear. We are privileged to have Lindsey bring that word to you here and hope you are encouraged IN the powerful and transforming Presence of Jesus.

As a child, my mother told me stories of her own childhood. The ones with danger were my favourite.

With her siblings, she scaled tall pine trees until they reached as close to the skinny top as possible. Then they tried to swing the treetop back and forth, bending and bowing towards the ground and back again. The sight of the thin pine tree with children swinging and clinging gave my grandmother a near heart attack. The danger made me excited and thrilled.

She also described laying on the dirt road, flat as a board against the ground. The older siblings then drove over her, wheels whirring by on either side. She could have been run over if the steering was not precise. I couldn’t hear that story enough.

Facing fear can be so thrilling when we are young. As we grow old, this can change. Fear, which once made us face challenges, grows. We don’t notice it growing; it is so gradual. Slowly, through the years, we accommodate the growing fear until we wake up one day and wonder, “How did I get to this place? Why do I struggle with fear so much?”

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Which Kid From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Are You? The Value of Stuggle

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5 Weird Kids…

5 Unique Struggles…

You May Identify With All of Them.

(I do.)

“Struggle carves out the space within us for deep desire…”

– Father Richard Rohr

“Struggle shows us what our true desires are.”

– Me (after reflecting on Rohr)

I’m just going to apologize for how my brain works up front. As I write, I have a friend who just lost his dad, another going through a divorce, and yet another betrayed by a disciple she poured her life into. At this moment a tornado of deep struggle swirls all around me, and I started thinking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! (Oompa Loompas? Golden Tickets? You know the one. I already said sorry.) The author, Ronald Dahl, wrote some brilliantly, dark children’s books, full of quirky, sometimes disturbing characters. (Real life Willie Wonka would have restraining orders against him. Am I right?) Dahl was not afraid of the shadowy side of the plot, and that’s what makes his tales so fascinating, so full. In that way, he’s a bit like the Author of Life. Yep, I’m now talking about God. While our Heavenly Father may have no darkness in Him, He’s sure not afraid of ours. Even more surprising, He doesn’t overcome our struggle by solving or expelling it; rather, he enters into it with us and writes the shadows into the plot of our lives, using all of it to call us toward Life.

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Where Are You Home? The Journey to “Become Home”

Photo Credit: Shannon Mintz  Photographer: Felicity Davies

Sometimes as missionaries and expats we do not often express the sense of loss and separation one goes through when following the call of God that moves us across countries, cultures, and/or oceans. So I am thankful for Angharad’s post last week on the “pain of saying goodbye” to home for another country (if you missed it, you can read it here: The Pain of Saying “Goodbye”). I can also understand this on a personal level. And please don’t misunderstand me; as much of this is difficult, much is also a desired, exciting, and joy-filled experience.

But at the same time and maybe after going through stages of grief and journeying through transition to living somewhere else other than my “original home” (cultural, birthplace, family, etc.), I find myself in another place emotionally and maybe spiritually too – a place that surprises me today but in a good and thankful way. A place where I survey where I now live with more fondness, even with a love that continues to deepen. Where I claim the beauty, the diversity, the people, and with contentment my heart says, “Yes.”

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